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How to Get Fit Without Affecting Your Oral Health

July 7, 2023

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People tend to think about medicine in little chunks, where the health of the body is one thing and the health of the teeth is another. However, if you’re trying to get fit, that could potentially cause problems for your oral health if you do it improperly.

Just about everyone could stand to think a little bit more about how their general lifestyle choices affect their teeth. Here are a few things you ought to consider if you’re trying to keep your oral health in good condition while working out.

Stay Hydrated

When you’re really working out, it’s pretty common to start breathing through your mouth in order to catch your breath. While mouth-breathing is normal, too much of it can actually cause some problems.

The biggest one is dry mouth. This is an issue because saliva serves as the mouth’s natural cleanser—it breaks down food and washes it away, preventing bacterial buildup. Without it, you put yourself at greater risk for serious oral health problems.

You can counteract dry mouth by staying hydrated. This will facilitate saliva production and protect your oral health, as well as being good for your body overall.

Stay Away From Sports Drinks

Sports drinks can be great for restoring the electrolytes lost through sweat, but they’re also absolutely chock full of sugar. Given that you’re unlikely to brush your teeth while working out, this sugar spends a lot of time just sitting there on your teeth. The same goes for artificial dyes that are often incorporated into sports drinks.

Water is usually plenty to stay hydrated, but if you really need those electrolytes, you could look into a sugar-free, dye-free source of them.

 Be Cautious With Your Pre-Workout

In a similar vein, the protein shakes that some people drink before working out can often be sweetened, or can include fruits that add a lot of sugar.

If you want the nutrients without the cavities, you might consider brushing your teeth after your pre-workout shake.

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