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Early & Late Hours Available Dental Emergencies Welcome

Emergency Dentistry Services

Woman in dental chair holding jaw At Vista Dental Care, we’re here whenever out patients need us. If you or one of your loved ones is experiencing a dental emergency in Sparks or one of our surrounding communities, we will likely be able to see you on the same day you contact us for emergency treatment. During these urgent care appointments, we’ll begin by working with you to relieve pain. Then, we’ll create a personalized dental restoration plan to fully renew your smile. You may not be able to plan for every dental emergency, but for patients of Vista Dental Care, you can count on our team to provide fast, effective emergency dentistry treatments.

Common Dental Emergencies

Man in pain holding jawIf you’re experiencing toothache pain or have a damaged tooth, you are likely in need of urgent dental care. It’s always best to call our team, even if you’re not sure that your situation requires emergency care. The sooner we begin repairing your damaged smile the better. Some of the common dental emergencies we see include:

  • Knocked out teeth or dental restorations
  • Damaged teeth or dental restorations
  • Broken or bent dentures
  • Severe toothache or dental sensitivity
  • Soft tissue lacerations
  • Foreign objects stuck between teeth

Caring for Your Smile at Home

Woman holding jaw in painDuring a dental emergency, your first step should be taking a deep breath. Step two is calling our office. We’ll be happy to walk you through first aid and pain management over the phone, so you don’t have to worry about memorizing at-home care methods. If you like to plan for all eventualities, some of the simple steps you can take to care for your smile before visiting our team include:

  • Clean any damaged oral structures with cool water, but don’t scrub or use hygiene products unless expressly directed to do so
  • Place pressure on soft tissue lacerations to slow bleeding
  • Retrieve knocked out teeth or dental restorations, handling them carefully by the biting surfaces and not the root structure
  • Apply ice packs or cold compresses at 20 minute intervals to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and slow bleeding
  • Take over the counter pain relievers as directed for toothache or dental sensitivity, but do not apply aspirin directly to teeth
  • Use floss to remove foreign objects stuck between teeth, but do not use hard or sharp objects if floss does not dislodge the item

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Smiling man in dental chair giving thumbs upYou may not always be able to prevent dental emergencies, but there are some ways you can dramatically decrease your risk to experience emergency dental damage. Some easy ways to avoid dental emergencies include the following:

  • Brush and floss your teeth each day and visit our team twice a year for checkups
  • Wear nightguards as directed to avoid damage for nighttime teeth grinding and clenching
  • Use sportsguards to tooth damage due to sports related facial trauma
  • Do not chew on ice, fingernails, pen caps, or other hard objects
  • Do not use your teeth as tools to open packages or crack nuts