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Restorative Dentistry for Healthy, Complete Smiles

Sparks Restorative Dentistry man on dental chair grinningDamaged teeth don’t look, feel, or function at their highest levels, and at Vista Dental Care, we have the restorative dentistry solutions you need to fully repair your smile. Whether you have mild decay or advanced tooth loss, our Sparks team provides the necessary dental repair solutions to return your smile to its natural health and beauty. Call our team right away if you experience any dental damage, and we will help you find the best restoration option for your unique smile.

Closeup of smile examined with dental mirrorTooth-Colored Fillings

Minor tooth decay or damage can often be repaired using tooth-colored, composite resin filling materials. We apply the putty-like resin directly to the damaged area. Then, shape it into position. Once in place, the resin is hardened using a curing light. The entire process is completed quickly and comfortably.

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hand holding glass of water with dentures insidePartial & Full Dentures

Replacing numerous missing teeth or a full arch of teeth is easier and more comfortable using partial and full dentures. Dentures use a gum-colored base material to support any number of replacement teeth as a single unit. We also provide dental implant supported dentures for optimal comfort and stability.

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Ceramic model of dental bridgeDental Bridges

To replace one or more consecutive teeth, we can use dental crowns to support a replacement tooth or teeth called pontics. Placed on both sides of a pontic, the dental crowns are attached to remaining healthy teeth for support. We can also use dental implant posts to support a fixed bridge.

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dentist mapping patients teeth with dental softwareOne-Visit Dental Crowns

If you’re in need of a dental crown to repair a damaged or decayed tooth, you may think your only option is to schedule two or more dental appointments for design, crafting, and placement of crowns. However, the CEREC system allows us to complete the entire design, creation, and placement process in a single appointment.

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male patient thoroughly examined by dentistTooth Extractions

At Vista Dental Care, we’ll do our utmost to avoid removing natural dental structures, but there are some situations that make tooth extraction the best option to preserve optimal oral health. When necessary, we’ll remove these teeth safely and comfortably in our state-of-the-art Sparks dental office.

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Female patient being treated by the dentistRoot Canal Therapy

Root canals are necessary when damage or decay accesses the innermost layer of the tooth where the nerves are housed. To relieve potential pain and repair this tooth, we use root canal therapy to remove the damaged tissues and replace them with similar, biocompatible substances. Root canals allow us to save teeth that may otherwise have been pulled.

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