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Why Summer Is The Best Time to Start Clear Aligner Treatment

April 16, 2023

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Young woman holding her clear aligners

Summer is here, which is a great time to try and look your best, whatever that means for you. For some people that means starting a diet or buying a new swimsuit. But have you considered that part of looking your best may involve straightening your teeth?

If you want to look your best, clear aligners may be for you. They can subtly and conveniently straighten out your teeth, without the need for wires or brackets. Here’s how clear aligner treatment can make this summer everything you’d want it to be!

Beauty, Quickly!

Patients who get braces often look forward to the day that they finally come off, when they can see the results in all their glory. This can be exciting, but if you want to look better right away, traditional braces might not be able to help.

Clear aligners straighten your teeth just as well, but they don’t negatively impact your appearance while you’re wearing them. That means that you can enjoy the results of your clear aligner treatment as they’re happening!

Enjoy Your Food

For some people, summer is about one thing: the food. Watermelon, barbecues, and ice cream define the season, and that can make people nervous about starting orthodontic treatment during the summer months.

Thankfully, clear aligners are removable, which means that you can get the treatment you deserve without any dietary restrictions. Just take out your aligners and clean your teeth carefully before putting them back in, and you should be able to enjoy summer foods to your heart’s content!

Time to Relax & Readjust

New things always take some getting used to, and clear aligners are no exception. Doing that when things are stressful may be a little difficult, which makes summer a great time to start.

When the weather is warm and the days are long, things naturally start to feel a little bit more relaxed. That might make it a little easier to slip into the habit of wearing your aligner and get you through the first few rocky months.

About the Author

Dr. Marc Thomas is proud to say that patients who aren’t the biggest fan of the dentist’s office always find that their expectations are exceeded at every turn when they visit his office! Dr. Thomas received his dental degree from the University of the Pacific, then honed his skills in the US Army Dental Corps. To this day he continues his education in the fields of implant restoration and aesthetic rehabilitation.

If you have any questions about clear aligner treatment, he can be reached at his website or by phone at (775) 626-3535.

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